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Ice Age Collision Course 2016

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Ice Age Collision Course 2016

Ice Age Collision Course 2016

Manny, Diego, and Sid unite with Buck to reflect the meteoric impact that will destroy the world.

Director: Mike Tёrmayer, Galen T. Chu

Writing credits Michael J. Wilson (writer) Michael Berg (screenplay)

Stars: Ray Romano, Denis Leary, John Leguizamo

Genre: Animation | Adventure | Comedy | Family | Science-Fiction

Country: United States of America

English language

Release Notes:

Video: MKV AVC 720×336 30fps

Audio: MP3 Digital Audio

English language

Subtitles: N / A

Source:F: 720pLATINO A: OWN!

Example 2

Encoder: CPG


RabotaLatinskuyu source and synchronized digital audio. As beautiful as ever!

2 sample included.

V2 will be with the Russian in the near future! …

Ice Age Collision Course 2016 READNFO HDRip 720p X264 AC3 Titanium.


Ice Age Collision Course 2016 READNFO HDRip 720p X264 AC3

File type: mV

Duration: 01.34.22

Video format: 1280×720

Image rate:

Transmission speed: 3641 kb / s

Video Codec: H264

Audio Codec: AC3

AudioType: Stereo

Click on the picture for full size

Manny, Diego and Sid Buck prisoedinitsyaupmet meteorite impact, which will destroy the world.

Director: Mike Tёrmayer, Galen T. Chu

Writing credits Michael J. Wilson (writer) Michael Berg (screenplay)

Stars: Ray Romano, DenisLeary, John Leguizamo

Genre: Animation | Adventure | Comedy | Family | Science Fiction

Country: United States of America

English language

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Video: NewRussian HDCAM

Audio: English Digital Audio Line (THX CPG)

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We are waiting for the best RussianyazykaKachestvo video surprisingly almost the quality of a barrier

No shaking, no focus problems, dark scenes are ideal, as cams may not be so perfect.


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SynchronizationAudio took me 12.00 was not funny to get, I gave almost after 06.00 video and audio synchronization,But I have pressed for you

More 6h and all Lipsync.

Russian video was made with a variable bit rate, Framerate, as it was around pitapereehal23-30 frame plz guys constant bitrate THX

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Video: 720×304 @ Bitrate 2000 2pass

Audio: English AC3-Audio Digitalline

Example: yes included

a total of

Full name of company:

Format: AVI

Format / Info: Audio Video Interleave

File size: MiB

Duration: 1 hour 27 million

The total data rate is 2266 Kbps

Writing Application: NanDub

Writing Library: NanDubBuild 1853 / release


ID: 0

MPEG-4 Visual

ProfileFormat: Advanced / * * /

Format Settings BVOP: 2

Format Settings Qpel: Yes

Formatting settings, GMC: No warp point

FormatNastroyki, Matrix: Default ()

Multiplexing Mode: Packaged Bitstream

Codec ID: XVID

CodecID / Note: XviD

Duration: 1 hour 27 million

Speed ​​data: 2000 Kbps

Width: 720 pixels

Length: 304 pixels

Aspect ratio: 1

fps image rate

Color space: YUV

Chroma sub-scan 4: 2: 0

Bit depth:8 bits

Scan Type: Progressive

Compression mode: Lossy

Bits / (pixels * frame):

River size: MiB (88%)

RecordLibrary: XviD (UTC 2008-12-04)


ID: 1

Format: AC-3

Format / Info: Audio Coding3

Fashion Expansion: CM (complete main)

Format Settings, Byte Order: Large

CodecID: 2000

Duration: 1 hour 27 million

Mode Data transfer rate Constant

Data transmission rate: 256 Kbps

Channel (S): 2 channels

The channel positions: Front: LR

Sampling frequency: KHz

Bit depth: 16-bit

Compression mode:Lossy

Size Flow: 160 MiB (11%)

Alignment: split accross nesting

Toggle, Duration: 40 ms (Video)

When recording bias duration: 500 ms


X Men Apocalypse 2016

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X Men Apocalypse 2016

X Men Apocalypse 2016

With the arrival of the first world mutant, Apocalypse, X-Men must unite to win his Ektinktionsniveauplan. Ice Age Collision Course 2016

Director: Bryan Singer

Writers: Simon Kinberg (screenplay) Brian Singer (witness)

Starring: James McAvoi, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence

Genres: Action | adventure | Fantasy | Sci-fi

Country: Germani



SOURCE: IBM 720P – Thank you!

Video 1250 kbps XviD

Solution: 720k400

Running time: 2h23m33sec

Subtitles: Korean (hardcoded)

Audio: VBR 192 AC-3

Language: English



ID: 1


Format / Info: Advanced Video Codec

Format profile:

Format settings, CABAC: No

Format settings, reframes: 1 image

Codec ID: V_MPEG4 / ISO / AVC

Duration: 2h 23mn

Width: 1280 pixels

Height: 720 pixels

Image Aspect Ratio: 16: 9

Frame rate mode: Variable

Frame rate: (29970/1000) FPS

Color space: the IUD

Chroma sub-sampling 4: 2: 0

Bit Depth: 8 bits

scan type: House



Standard: Yes

Forced: No


ID: 2


Format / Info: Advanced Audio Codec

Format profile: LK

Codec ID: A_AAC

Duration: 2h 23mn

Channels: 2 channels

Channel positions: Front: LR

Sampling: kHz

Frame rate FPS (SPF 1024)

Compression: Lossy



standard: to

Forced: No


Apprentice 2016

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Apprentice 2016

Apprentice 2016

ApprenticeWhen transferred to a new job, 28-year-old employee of correctional institutions, Ayman, 65-year-old Rahim, prison`s formed a friendship with the chief executioner. latter`s assistant accidentally left his job when Ayman al-Rahim asked to become his disciple.
The River Thief 2016 download free movie torrent

Language: English / Malay


General Release Date: November 24, 2016

Genre: Drama

Duration: 1 hour 55 minutes

Distributor: GSC Movies

Starring: Fir Rahman, Wan Hanafi Su, Mastura Ahmad, Koh Boon Pin, NicksonCheng, Chan Crispin

Directed by Boo Junfeng

Format: 2D


Blair Witch 2016

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Blair Witch 2016

Blair Witch 2016

These students will reveal the secrets of the black Forest, Maryland nurse James lost many believe is related to the legend of the Blair Witch. At first, however and the hope of the group, especially when it offered a pair of the winding of the place of darkness, and to deal with the leader of dalammalam the forest, but as always, he approached the group in triumph, from the face of it is a threat. The lens is to be read coeperuntuerum more wicked than they think they can.

Bolshoi Ballet: Nutcracker 2016 DVDrip.720p full movie torrent

Loving 2016

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Loving 2016

Loving 2016

Richard Mildred love, interracial couple, was sentenced to death in Virginia, in 1958, to be his wife.

In 1967, Johann (Joel Edgerton) and Africanus, (The Book of Megger), thus to love Virginia Court since the law, inviolable, and the law prohibits racial.

Set in a world like ours, but also to be inhabited by living creatures, and the BusterQui Dapperkoala reigned once-great theater, which has fallen down on kerasmusim. somepeople might say it is, and always delusional Buster, who like to be optimistic, and their arches, and to do all things, as the philosophers say. Now the subject of collapse ambition have a last chance to restore the former glory of the songs, producing the world’s largest gem competition gliding.

Indian boy lost in the streets of five thousand years chiliometrorumdomum. Use two nyingikabla challenge in Australia; 25 years after losing his familyit is found.

Saro-five thousand setahunIndia lost by any person who has a company of miles from home, and family. Saro lives alone in Kolkata learn, eventually followed by Australia web site. Twenty-five years later, equipped with several books of sponsionemut he still does not think Google put timayekurudi first home, and to find the missing.

The Secret Life of Pets 2016

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The Secret Life of Pets 2016

The Secret Life of Pets 2016

Terrier named Max quiet life is destroyed when its owner is Duke, a stray, which immediately meets the poppy.

Directed to: Iarrov Cheney, Chris Renaud

Writers: Cinco Paul, Ken Daurio

Stars: Luis, Eric Stonestreet, Kevin Hart

Genre: Drama | cOMEDI | the family

Country: Japan | Unitedstate



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Audio: English Direct Line (CPG / dad)

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first minuteupraveMINIONOos in the range of 12 to 45 seconds, they are associated with different frames,

5mins in theire is 2Minute video loops, VTF

video and suffered from various problems are intertwined.

Video is distorted


fixed perspective

Reduced to 720p – look and sharp vaibetter

uklanjanjepreplitanjafootage from oboihvideo

I killed the video ring

Fixed frame rate for introvideo

fixed brightness, contrast, RGB value for additional clarity

resinced sound

clear sound

Cinavia removed

Quality tested and optimized to look great at 75 4K TV.

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Video: 1280k672 @ bitrate 4000-8000

Audio: English Straight Line MP3 stereo

Example: included

at all

General compani Full name:

Format: Matroska

Format version: Version 2

File size: MiB

Duration: 1 hour 23 million

common načinBitrate: variable

OverallData rate: 428kbps 4

Encoded date: 2016-07-21 UTC23: 09: 37

Vriting application: mkvmerge ( “Kenya Caine), filed 27, 2012 16:44:04

Vriting librari: libebml + libmatroska


ID: 1


Format / Info: Advanced Video Codec

Format profile: / * * /

Format settings, CABAC: Yes

parametriformatiranje, 4 framesrequires certain changes

Formatting options GR M = 4, N = 33

Mukingo regime: headers download

Codec ID: V_MPEG4 / ISO / AVC

Duration: 1 hour 23 million

Mode Data Transfer Rate Constant

Data Transfer Rate: 3892 kbps

maksimumBit rate: 8 000 Kbps

width 1280pixels

Height: 672 pixels

Displayaspect ratio:

Frame rate mode: Constant

Frame rate FPS

Standard: PAL

Color Space: ISD

Colorimetri: 4: 2: 0

Bit depth: 8 bits

Scan Type:

Bits / (Pixel * Frame):

Flow Size: MiB (88%)


Default: Yes

Forced: no

Color Basic color:

Transient Performance:

The matrix coefficients:



ID: 2

Format: AC-3

Format / Info: AudioCoding 3

rasshirenieRezhim: CM (complete main)

Formatting options, Big endian: High

Mukingo regime: headers download

codecID: A_AC3

Duration: 1 hour 23 million

Mode bit rate: variable

Data Transfer Rate: 448 Kbps

channel(I): 2 channel

Channel positions: Front: L R

Pattern: kHz,

Bit depth: 16-bit

Compression: Lossi

Flow Size: 267 MiB (10%)


Default: Yes

Forced: no


60 Minutes

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60 Minutes

60 Minutes

60 minutes on the air since 1968, which began on Tuesday, but spent most of his time on Sunday, where it is today. This popular magazine provides strong impact studies, interviews and features, along with people in the news and current minute is of excellent qualityentries Nielsenreytyngi rated number 1 five times, making it one of the most successful programs in the history of television. This series has won more Emmy Awards than any other news program Enin 2003Don Hewitt, the founder (in 1968), he was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Amy, along with 60 minuteskarespandentav.Na during the 2009 season, including the correspondent Steve Kroft, Lesley Stahl, Bob Simon, Scott Pelle, Morlei safer, Katie Couric, Byron Pitts, Lara Logan, Charlie Rose, Anderson Cooper and Andy Roonei. In addition to the 11 awards Peabody This phenomenal Survivor Series collected78awards in the 2005 season and remains among gledachovlepshy choice for magazine

The Birth of a Nation 2016

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The Birth of a Nation 2016

The Birth of a Nation 2016

Nat Turner, the ability to use slave and pastors in South America, orchestrates rebellion. Set in the South before the war, Birth of a Nation following Nat Turner (Nate Parker), a literate slave and preacher, who strained financially owner, Samuel Turner (Armie Hammer), accepted the offer to use the subordinate slave Nat sermon rude, when it is witnessed countless atrocities – to themselves and their fellow servants – Nat orchestrates rebellion in the hope to lead people to freedom.

Nat Turner was enslaved Baptist pastor who lives in Virginia plantation belonging to Samuel Turner. With rumors of rebellion in the air, scientists convince Samuel that Nate had to preach to other slaves, which extinguish any idea of ​​rebellion. Nate witness the terrible treatment of fellow human beings, he realizes that he could not just get up and preach.
com/the-monster-2016-full-movie-torrent/ On 21 August 1831, Turner quest for justice and freedom leads to violence and rebellion in Southampton County history.